Scholars Without Borders (SWB)  was founded by a partnership between the Finding Resources and Empowerment through Education (F.R.E.E.) student  organization  and faculty members in April 2017. It was a direct result of many years of students’ organizing and activism that led to the creation of the center. The motivation was to create a space where students who come from marginalized communities find a space who recognize them as who they are.


To create a critical thinking space on campus for all students, but particularly those who are undocumented, DACAmented and AB 540. We strive to provide academic, cultural, social, political, economic and environmental supports to students and to improve the internal capacity at Humboldt to serve students who are from working class, first-generation, and from communities of color. Encourage and support student success, advocacy and power in their identity, community, and social and environmental systems.


To create a conscious reflective space on campus where academic sovereignty and student activism is fostered and supported. Furthermore acknowledge the fact that, where the center is situated in Wiyot land. We strive to support Undocumented, DACAmented, and AB540 students in a holistic approach by acknowledging that formal and informal education is part of our learning and we encourage students to apply their earned knowledge to their current “formal” education. In addition, seek to offer the needed resources for students to pursue their academic and life endeavours. The acknowledgement of the present state being is We recognize the reading of the word and the world.